Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Mr.'s new addition: 70R SR Sentinel Sequoia

Since the selling of Chezy the Mr. has been on the lookout for a replacement and new addition. We opted to get a kid so we would be able to raise her to our standards and ensure that she gets a good start. After inquiring on many and turning them down for one reason or another we finally can to an agreement!

We are please to introduce you to the newest addition to Stout Ranch came to us from a neighboring ranch about an hour away. 70RSR Sentinel Sequoia come from solid milking lines and from a herd that breeds for color in addition to mammary and conformation.

She is out of Triple Moon Silver Tanzanite and Sweet B's Argos Ace of Hearts. Tanzanite is out of Kansas lines with strong ties to the Pruittville and Chalivah herds. She is a heavy and consistent milker with an easy going temperament. Argos is a blue roan out of a Colorado Springs area herd that is well known in the show circuits and has proven conformation and mammary in their lines.

Both sire and dam are G6S negative, which means Sequoia is negative by lineage but she will be tested upon turning 6 months old to confirm.

Sequoia is showing her intelligence and curious nature at her young age and already has the making of a beautiful and correct doe with excellent breed characteristics and potential mammary.

We are excited to have Sequoia in our herd and look forward to watching her grow into her reputation.

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